IMG_2529Maryland Jewels put up a great fight in the 2nd half after scoring only 37 points in the first two quarters of the WABA Quarterfinals against the DC Cyclones.  It was a quiet game from the stands as the Jewels slipped into a 20+ point deficit during the first half of the game.  The energy was low, fans were silent, and the coaching staff was reasonably frustrated.  After a series of missed shots, mostly in the paint, the DC Cyclones went on multiple runs and even their scoring seemed unstoppable.

DC Cyclones had already won 2-0 against us during the regular season, so we knew it would be a tough match-up coming into the playoffs.  Jewels had a spark of motivation going into the 3rd quarter, which really helped increase their momentum and defensive intensity on the court.  Now we’ve got a ball game!  Hustle plays from players like Tejahne Malone (24), Daria Simmons (4), and Danielle Pray (3) really started to give us more scoring opportunities; while our leading scorers Saadia Doyle (00) and Taylor White (13) began to takeover in the paint.  IMG_8193The overall team effort was completely different as we entered the final quarter… like night and day compared to the first half.  Our co-captain, Allese Morrison (5), maintained her composure and took pride in encouraging her teammates during the entire game.  Danielle Forrest had to fight through a lot of hits in the paint, but managed to hang in there until the end.

Uh-Oh!  Maryland Jewels are in this game!  Our Jewels narrowed the score down to a 1 point game with under 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter.  Unfortunately, our foul trouble would be the Achilles heel of this game.  img_2531.jpg

Most likely fatigued, the team had put DC into a double-bonus situation with 8 total fouls committed in the final quarter. Malone and Morrison both at their maximum allowed fouls, but still on the court risking a technical if called for another foul.  We are undoubtedly stressed at this point of the game.  Two steals, a missed 3-D scoring opportunity, and 2 back-to-back turnovers were our final strides to win.  Morrison took a tough foul call with seconds left, giving the Cyclones a total of 4 free throws (2 for the foul + 2 for the technical) to close the game.

Thank you, Jewels Nation!  We appreciate all of your support this season.


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