About Us

Jewels Nation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was created in July 2017 to expand the platform for women in sports. Jewels Nation serves as a community partner to Hoops & High Heels Incorporated which is a non-profit organization focused on the mentorship and skills development of middle & high school girls in sports.

Our professional women’s basketball team, Maryland Jewels, was announced in October 2017 and began competing in 2018. In Spring 2018, our team won the local Qualifier Championship of the Red Bull Reign 3v3 Basketball Tournament and competed against teams across the country to win the U.S. Final Women’s Red Bull Reign 3v3 Tournament Championship in September 2018. As we continue to build towards the long-term success of this organization, our elite athletes continue to bring fans a highly energetic, thrilling, and family friendly experience at every game and special event.

Jewels Nation Inc. is proud to collaborate with various community outreach organizations and build positive mentor relationships that impact girls in the DC-Metropolitan area through education, service, and athletics.

Meet The Owner

Shannon Nichele is the Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Jewels Nation, Inc. Her responsibilities also include her role as the Team Owner and General Manager of the Maryland Jewels professional basketball team. After winning three national championship titles with the North Carolina A&T Legacy women’s travel basketball team, Shannon decided to retire and fully immerse into the business side of our industry at every level of the game.

In 2015, She earned her B.S. in Accounting from North Carolina A&T State University with remarkable academic and business accolades. In addition to being a corporate professional, Shannon is an active WNBA and FIBA certified sports agent. Her sports management & entertainment enterprise is also headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She has always been a passionate leader and is committed to walking in her purpose as a youth coach, mentor, trailblazer, and woman in sports through her many community initiatives and business endeavors. Follow her @shannsports on Instagram to stay connected!